About Buster Bear

Buster Bear's Animated Adventure Series

Buster Bear is a black bear who likes eating and sleeping. The largest of the Animazia gang, Buster is sometimes the slowest on the uptake too!  He sometimes comes gallumphing up at the rear of a mission – fibbing about not having stopped to snack – but sometimes his head and stomach provide him the perfect insight!

Family is important to Buster: he has relatives in caves and dumps across Canada, including his large Rocky Mountain cousin Grizz, and Barrie Bear, his winter-sports-loving BC nephew.

Buster has been awakened from his winter hibernation by Captain Nemo and sent on a journey far beyond the comforts of his cave. As Buster crosses the Rockies and BC's interior to solve Nemo's mystery, he will travel back in time to the founding of the country, and far beyond to prehistoric times! Join Buster as he visits the cities, towns and parks of the Pacific Northwest in his series "Go West, Young Bear!" – A Buster Bear® Adventure 

Character Traits: