Go West, Young Bear

A Buster Bear Adventure

Awakened from his winter slumber by a beacon from Captain Nemo, Buster embarks on an adventure from the prairies of Alberta, through the Rocky Mountains, to the BC Pacific Coast. Buster meets many characters along the way (like Grizz the grizzly, and Spirit the Kodiak bear) as he learns of the heritage and history of our country. He also learns about Canada's First Nations, whose land much of this still is. Follow Buster's adventure, as he and his fellow ANIMAZIA superheroes work together to help solve problems - and sometimes get into bigger ones!
Watch the series with the link below, and contact us if there are stories YOU want us to tell!

Series Episodes

Air Bear!

Buster Bear keeps the Cold War from Getting Hot!

In partnership with: Air Force Museum Society of Alberta

We Can Bear-ly Contain It!

Ethan Eagle gives Buster Bear a Bird's-Eye View of the Inlet

In partnership with: Museum of North Vancouver, Port of Vancouver

Life is a Highway!

Buster Bear Travels to Burrard Inlet's North Shore

In partnership with: Museum of North Vancouver, Port of Vancouver

Arrested Development!

Buster Bear’s Busted at The Vancouver Police Museum

In partnership with: Vancouver Police Museum

Honey, I Shrunk the Bear!

Buster Buzzes Through the Victoria Bug Zoo

In partnership with: Victoria Bug Zoo

Buster's Vancouver Mission Launch!

Rick Miller Bumps into Buster Bear at Port Metro Vancouver

Buster's BOOM-ing Debut!

Rick Miller Introduces Buster Bear at the Citadel Theatre

Getting Stoked

Buster Bear Meets Grizzly in Revelstoke, BC

Mission: Possible

Buster Begins An Animaz-ing Adventure With Captain Nemo

In partnership with: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea