Arrested Development!

Buster Bear’s Busted at The Vancouver Police Museum

Buster's Vancouver Mission Launch!

Rick Miller Bumps into Buster Bear at Port Metro Vancouver

Honey, I Shrunk the Bear!

Buster Buzzes Through the Victoria Bug Zoo

In partnership with: Victoria Bug Zoo

In this next Buster Bear adventure, Buster follows Bumbles Bee into the Victoria Bug Zoo. Still under the effects of Captain Nemo's shrinking ray, Buster interacts with many of the zoo's exotic bugs, while trying to track down his pal. He finally hitches a ride on Bumbles, who leads him to the the largest leaf-cutter ant colony in Canada. After learning about the ants, he gets to meet the Ant Queen, as she busily lays eggs in her secret lair. The Queen finally lays a gold coin for Buster, leading him to the next clue in Nemo's adventure.

Special note: This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) was developed in partnership with the Victoria Bug Zoo. Stay tuned for more Buster Bear adventures on Vancouver Island!